Final Draft NFN Cannabis Law

The final draft NFN Cannabis Law that incorporated feedback from the April consultations and direct feedback to our lawyer was presented to Council on May 21, 2019. It was subsequently amended slightly to reflect feedback from Council and is now open to the membership to review here.

In accordance with the NFN Land Law Consultation, Voting and Enactment Process, this law was scheduled to be enacted at a regularly scheduled meeting of Council on June 18, 2019. However, due to a lack of quorum of Council, this item will be tabled at the next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:30pm in Garden Village.

* IMPORTANT NOTE * NFN’s Cannabis Law may be enacted, but it will not be “in force” until there is an agreement with the government that ensures NFN has access to an inspected and safe cannabis supply for any retail stores that we allow on reserve.  Once that agreement is in place, a Band Council Resolution (BCR) may be passed proclaiming the NFN Cannabis Law in force and allowing NFN to issue retail licenses.

Please refer to the News & Notices page for community reports and recent updates about the development of NFN’s Cannabis Law.

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