Update: First Nations Conservation Program

If you submitted an application to the First Nations Conservation Program (FNCP), you can expect a phone call by the end of this week to schedule an appointment for your home assessments. Assessments will begin the first week of December.

A reminder that applicants who qualify to have large appliances replaced must provide the old appliance(s) in exchange for the new, free energy-efficient appliance(s). You cannot receive the new appliance(s) if the old appliance has already been discarded – this is a condition of the program.

On the day of the assessment, each home will receive the following:

  1. LED Bulbs
  2. 1 Smart Programmable Powerbar
  3. 1 Block Outdoor Timer (depends on location)

More about the FNCP

Nipissing First Nation residents (status and non-status) may qualify for free energy efficient upgrades, such as LED light bulbs, appliances and more through the First Nations Conservation Program.

The program is funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and delivered by First Nations Engineering Services. Participating in the program can help make your home more comfortable and save energy.

Information sessions were held September 24th in Jocko Point, September 25th in Garden Village and September 26th in Duchesnay to introduce the program and accept applications. A total of 87 community members were present at sessions and were encouraged to sign-up and raise awareness about the program with their family and friends who reside on Nipissing First Nation.


For more information about the FNCP, please contact:
Julie Lambert at 705-753-2050 or employtemp@nfn.ca, or call the FNCP toll free line 1-844-349-8972.