Proposed Cannabis Law Amendments

NFN invited the proponents of NFN’s first legal cannabis retail operation (Kana Leaf) to meet with the community to discuss two potential amendments to the NFN Cannabis Law on March 11 & 12 in Garden Village and Duchesnay:

1 – consideration of lowering the age of purchasing cannabis to 19 years of age (from 21) .
2 – consideration of allowing the purchase of legal edible cannabis products.

The presentation provided by Kana Leaf can be viewed by clicking here.

NFN facilitated these sessions for Kana Leaf owners to provide information to the community. Council and staff listened to the discussion to assist Council in making an informed decision about any potential amendments.

Other methods to provide input include a survey that will be sent in the next mail-out. The survey can also be completed online by clicking HERE. Feedback will be accepted until March 23, 2020.