Brushing of Enbridge Easement

On September 8th, Enbridge will begin conducting routine clearing of the natural gas pipeline right-of-way, which may cross your property. The work is required to provide ready access to maintenance crews.

Enbridge will use the services of Young Forestry Services who is fully licensed through the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).

The time taken to conduct the work will depend on the length of pipeline running over the property, and the quantity of brush, trees, timber, or crop present.  Enbridge provided the contractor with a list of all property owners impacted by this work. Should the contractor have questions with the work along your property, or if access to the easement will be required through your property, you will be contacted directly by Young Forestry Services.

Wherever possible all brush will be mulched and spread across the easement. Should conditions not permit the use of the mulching equipment, our contractor will be instructed to neatly stack all timber, brush and leaves on the side of the easement. Any crops removed from the easement will be piled on your property at the edge of the easement. Fences or other enclosures removed will be restored to their previous condition or better should we be required to remove them to obtain access to the easement.

Should you have any specific access requirements or restrictions, alternative arrangements should be made by contacting the contractor, Young Forestry Services directly at 705-472-7400.


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