Citizenship Law Survey

Our NFN Committees are beginning to meet again and the Citizenship Committee is anxious to get back on track with developing a Debendaagziwaad Naaknigewin (Citizenship Law) that defines the rights and obligations of Nipissing Debendaagziwaad (in accordance with the Gchi-Naakniigewin, Debendaagziwaad “refers to the people of Nipissing First Nation.   Those people who are recognized as “those who belong” to the Nipissing First Nation”) and Endaawaad (in accordance with the Gchi-Naakniigewin “means those who live on the Nipissing First Nation but are not Debendaagziwaad”) within the jurisdiction of Nipissing First Nation.

The following members have offered to work on the development of this law.  In order to assist them in their work for our Nation, they are interested in receiving your input.  Please complete the Survey below or contact committee members at the following email addresses to ask questions about the development of this law, to provide your thoughts about this law, or to offer suggestions for the committee to consider:

Arnold May
Elaine Commanda
Kile George
Margaret McLeod
Noreen Nichol
Susan Robson
Virginia Goulais
Corey Goulais (Council – Chairperson)
Michael Sawyer (Council – Chairperson)

Citizenship Survey Questions

#1 – How should we determine who belongs to Nipissing First Nation? 
          One parent rule?  Or other?

#2 – What is the criteria to become a citizen?

#3 – Do I have to apply to become a citizen?

CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY, or call 705-753-2050 to request a copy.

Deadline for responses:  September 30, 2020