Kinoomaagewin (Education)

The Education Department administers programs and supports at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels, and also delivers semi-weekly adult education classes in Garden Village and Duchesnay.

We support approximately 400 full and part time students from the JK to post-secondary levels by:

  • providing safe and efficient school bus and charter services on a daily basis;
  • establishing adequate education service agreements with provincial school boards;
  • addressing each student’s individual learning needs, including supporting special education needs;
  • working at the request of, or on behalf of, individual students and/or parents/guardians;
  • establishing and maintaining partnerships that contribute to positive educational experiences for our students;
  • meeting the reporting requirements of various funding agencies;
  • administering the post-secondary assistance program.

We strongly believe in and follow the First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning Model.

Anishinabek Education System

NFN is one of 23 Anishinabek First Nations who ratified the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement by voting “yes” to the Anishinabek Education System (AES).

Our education team worked with the Kinoomaadziwin Education Body to prepare for the education agreement signing ceremony; to finalize the education fiscal arrangements with Canada and the Master Education Agreement with Ontario; to negotiate the multi-year action plan; to implement the tri-partite work plan.  NFN’s Education Law to support the AES was passed in April 2017.

Learn more here:  Anishinabek Education System

Our Staff

Our department consists of three full-time employees and one office administrator/busing coordinator.  Our goal is to provide effective and efficient administration of education programs and services for students and to provide safe and cost-efficient transportation. We shall endeavor to develop capacity for education and lifelong learning as well as a vision of Anishinabek education for all.

Anishinaabe Kinoomaadziwin Nongo, Anishinaabe Pane!

Contact Information

Nancy Allaire, Kinoomaagewin Niigaanzi-E-naakniged (Director of Education)
705-753-6995 ext. 3013 |

Geraldeana Goulais, Gchi-Kinoomaajiwgamik Gchi-Kinoomaagewin Waadookaaged  (Post-Secondary Education Support Worker)
705-753-6995 ext. 1321 |

Tracy Hanzlik, Kinoomaadiwgamgoon / Kinoomaagewin Waadookaaged (Elementary/Secondary Education Support Worker)
705-753-6995 ext. 3014 |

Hillary McLeod, Gchi-kinoomaagewin Kendaason (Education Officer)
705-753-6995 ext. 1282 |

Charlene Bellefeuille, Kinoomaagewin Ezhbiiged / Kinoomaagewin Boozwin Niigaanzid (Office Administrator/Bussing Coordinator)
705-753-6995 |

Office Address:
Binoojiiyag Enji-Kinoomaagsiwaad (Education Centre)
70 Semo Road, Garden Village ON  P2B 3K2
Fax: 705-753-5827