Nbisiing Secondary School


About our School

Nbisiing Secondary School operates under the jurisdiction of Nipissing First Nation and opened its doors in 1996. Since then, Nbisiing Secondary School has graduated 312 students.

Our goal is to provide a solid educational foundation for the 21st century that is rooted in traditional values held by Nbisiing Anishinabek. Through culturally-grounded academics, students reach high levels of education that inspire and nurture their unique paths to mno-bmaadziwin, that is the development of the mind, body and spirit to:

  • Reach their full potential
  • Embrace lifelong learning
  • Live the richness of the culture and language and appreciate Nbisiing’s Anishinaabemwin
  • Be a responsible member of society

Because we grant secondary school credits and Ontario Secondary School Diplomas, the Ministry of Education inspects Nbisiing every two years. We must maintain approved standards related to courses offered, student evaluation procedures, hours of instruction and other administrative expectations required by the Ministry. We have always had very successful inspections, a good indication of the commitment and dedication of our staff.

About our Students

Nbisiing provides educational services for Nipissing First Nation students, and is able to provide programming for First Nation students from other communities across Ontario through Reverse Tuition Agreements.  Through the culture, traditions and language of the Indigenous people, Nbisiing empowers learners.  Pride, self-esteem and self-identity are nourished through culture and language as part of everyday life at Nbisiing.

Nbisiing’s school improvement plan includes overarching goals that align Nipissing First Nation’s strategic goals under the four pillars of Literacy, Numeracy, Community and Pathways.


Building strong community partnerships and pathway programming are priorities at Nbisiing.  Partnerships with Canadore College and Nipissing University continue annually.  Programs include Dual Credits, Archaeology, WIIDOOKAADWIN, Aboriginal Mentorship Initiative, AASGAABWITAADWIN, Aboriginal Youth Leadership Conference, Summer Institute, Rumie, Ontario Arts Council and Kendaaswin Day.

Nbisiing continues to partner with 11 other First Nation schools as a member of the First Nation Student Success Program. FNSSP is a program designed to support First Nation educators in their ongoing efforts to meet student needs and improve the achievement of First Nation students by focusing on priority areas of literacy, numeracy, culture and student retention.

Nbisiing also partners with Nipissing First Nation’s Culture & Heritage Department for many community events, such as Remembrance Day, Spring Water Ceremony, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Pow Wows, Feasts and Sweats.  Over the years, local Elders have shared their knowledge with staff and students on a variety of topics.

We offer an increasing amount of school activities, like gardening, hunting, Sugar Bush and Medicine Walks, which are becoming important parts of pedagogy because they connect us to the land. Outdoor projects can easily be part of the curriculum that students take ownership of.  Connections with the land are very important and we have begun the process of preparing students for this revived connection. Many classes have these types of projects and often the Elders are present to provide teachings and direction.

The North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre provides lunch hour programming as well as counselling and other supports that address the needs of the students.

About our Staff

Many programs and services are supported and facilitated by 16 dedicated full-time staff.  We are currently working on building capacity and hiring additional support staff to address the learning needs of nearly 100 students every year.  Each teacher is required to teach a variety of subjects in addition to core subjects.  Indigenous content and engagement are key aspects of the regular curriculum.  Ministry of Education Curriculum requirements are met by infusing Indigenous content as a key focus.


Carole Couillard, Principal
705-497-9938 | carolec@nbisiing.com

Nancy Allaire, Director of Education
705-753-6995 ext. 3013 | nancya@nfn.ca

Nbisiing Secondary School
469 Couchie Memorial Drive
Nipissing First Nation ON  P1B 8G5

To find out more about what’s happening at our school, please visit our website:  www.nbisiing.com