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Soaring to Excellence, Embracing Nishinaabe Pride

In Education, we continually strive to provide opportunities for our members to learn and grow throughout their educational journey, to support and nurture mental health and well-being, and to continue to embed 21st century learning competencies (such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and self-directed learning) to reduce the achievement gap for students. 

We work closely to continue to build on the Indigenous education strategy through cultural and pedagogical activities for students and staff, as well as consultations with community partners and groups.

Our education will strive to ensure a quality of life based on the highest standards of Anishinaabe intellectual, holistic knowledge that supports the preservation and ongoing development of the Anishinaabe.  Anishinaabe Pane.

We strongly believe in and follow the First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning Model.

Funding is allocated to programming, resources and toward covering the costs of tuition fees to the four local provincial school boards and post-secondary institutions; paying for direct education services for our students and supporting our local high school – Nbisiing Secondary School.

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Contact Information

Nancy Allaire, Kinoomaagewin Niigaanzi-E-naakniged (Director of Education)
705-753-6995 ext. 3013 |

Geraldeana Goulais, Gchi-Kinoomaajiwgamik Gchi-Kinoomaagewin Waadookaaged  (Post-Secondary Education Support Worker)
705-753-6995 ext. 1321 |

Tracy Hanzlik, Kinoomaadiwgamgoon / Kinoomaagewin Waadookaaged (Elementary/Secondary Education Support Worker)
705-753-6995 ext. 3014 |

Charlene Bellefeuille, Kinoomaagewin Ezhbiiged / Kinoomaagewin Boozwin Niigaanzid (Office Administrator/Bussing Coordinator)
705-753-6995 |

Office Address:
Binoojiiyag Enji-Kinoomaagsiwaad (Education Centre)
70 Semo Road, Garden Village ON  P2B 3K2
Fax: 705-753-5827