Lands & Membership

Our office handles land management and membership matters of Nipissing First Nation, including:

  • Cemetery Records
  • Corporate Land Purchase and Land Trusts
  • Court and Legal Liaison
  • Easements and Rights of Way
  • Estates, Last Will and Testaments
  • Grants in Lieu & Payments in Lieu
  • Heritage and Cultural Sites
  • Land Repatriation
  • Land Zoning Development
  • Lands By-Laws
  • Nation Member Allotments
  • Quarry Records
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Land Leasing
  • Surveys, Mapping Request and Repository
  • Taxation Development
  • Territorial Lands
  • Treaty Land and Resources Claims Research
  • Veterans Days Memorial
  • 911 Emergency

NFN Land Base

Nipissing First Nation has been operating under its Land Code since June 2003. Prior to the Land Management Act and the Nipissing Land Code, Nipissing had operated since 1982 under Sections 53 and 60 of the Indian Act to administer the NFN land base.  Please refer to the documents below for more information:

Learn more about Nipissing Nation here:  The Land, The People, The Future.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S) are a computerized means to consolidate and analyze spatially-referenced data.  G.I.S is a powerful planning tool that helps implement governance and management of our traditional territories, formal land claims processes, traditional knowledge mapping,  and manage resources on traditional lands. G.I.S plays a major role in Indigenous Community Planning on Nipissing First Nation. Inter-departmentally, G.I.S assists with requests related to project planning.


Please visit the Member Services section for more information.


Cameron Welch, Director of Lands & Natural Resources
705-753-2922  |

Cathy McLeod, Land Manager
705-753-2922 ext. 1233  |

Lee Faubert-McLeod, Lands Registration Clerk
705-753-2922 ext. 1283 |

Joanne Gibouleau, GIS Technician
705-753-2922 ext. 5205 |

Juliette McLeod, Lands Membership Clerk
705-753-2922 ext. 1247 |